Logan Edwards

My name is Logan Edwards! I am a 13 year old software developer and GNU/Linux enthusiast from Michigan. I have been learning how to program in C, C++, and x86 Assembly as of late.

At the age of 11, I began to develop simple Batch games and work in the Windows Command Line. I quickly realized the limitations, and by the age of 12, I was learning the C# programming langauge. I moved towards Ubuntu as a secondary operating system to learn shell scripting, but began to dislike Ubuntu for it's use of Unity and the inability to log in as the root user. I moved to Arch, then Debian, before finally settling on Fedora, my GNU/Linux distribution of choice.

As I develop software, I have decided on using Github and this website for version control and final releases. If you wish to use my software, I recommend you use the stable releases found here and carefully evaluate the LICENSE and/or README attached before using my software. Please email development@loganedwards.us if you have any questions.

From time to time, I also write comics relating to software development and system administration. Feel free to check those out here.